Ladies’ Hooded Cloak / Cape

liripipe 1

Capuchon with Liripipe

liripipe 2

Capuchon with Liripipe and Leaf Shaped Daggs

ladies dress 1

Ladies’ dress with undervest

Men’s Doublet and pants

Men’s Doublet and pants


Suede pouch


Capuchon with Liripipe and Daggs


Suede pouch

coif 1

Men’s Coif

Coif 2

Padded Coif

ladies dress 2

Ladies’ dress with veil and underskirt

girls dress

Girl’s Dress

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About Fayre Wear

If you love the medieval times, you most probably like to dress for the occasion. I love to make medieval clothes and accessories for men, women, and children. I am a small business operator with no employees, I custom make all the garb myself, enabling me to keep the cost of production down. My garments do not cost a fortune.

I do not pretend to be the expert on constructing medieval clothes, but through constant research, the knowledge I have, and continue to gain, helps me to make authentic looking garb.

I aim to provide good quality, affordable garments that are comfortable to wear, and which stand the test of time. My garments will not show visible machine-stitching on the outside.

I take pride in my work, and source quality textiles and notions. Some garments can take up to eight weeks to create depending on sourcing materials, design, volume and layers of fabrics, hand-stitching, embroidery and embellishments.